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Born in 1981 in Melbourne, Australia, Laurel discovered the art of glass blowing whilst studying for a Bachelor of Applied Arts at Monash University in Melbourne at the age of 17. She immediately fell in love with glassblowing not just for the beautiful objects that it can create but also for the technical skill it requires and the physical challenge it poses.


After completing her bachelors degree, Laurel moved to Adelaide and joined the associate program at the reknowned Jam Factory glass studios where she refined her skills for a further two years, featuring in a number of exhibitions and creating large-scale art installations for the Adelaide Botanical Gardens and the Manhattan Hotel in Hong Kong.


Laurel has since moved back to Melbourne where she furthered her studies by completing a Master of Fine Art at Monash University, producing her exegesis entitled 'Object and Attachment', exploring the ways in which people form relationships with objects and their emotional significance.

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