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Gals of Glazz : Laurel Kohut

This weeks Gal of Glazz is a little more close to home. I've known this lady for quite a while but I'd say this is the year I really got to know her properly. She's a bloody champ.

Meet the Maker: Glass Artist Laurel Kohut - SMH

Laurel Kohut is a lover of heirlooms and keepsakes – a self-confessed hoarder who, as a child, would scour her grandmother's house looking for "little man-made treasures".

Q & A with Laurel Kohut - JamPacked

Glass artist and JamFactory alumnus Laurel Kohut investigates how we form relationships with objects, in particular jewellery and its intimate and symbolic nature.

Home Remedies

A glass artist honours the lost art of the kitchen.

Lasting fragility of blown glass

GOLDEN are the promises - but how easily they may be shattered.

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